ODBC Agent Connections
OpenLink provides specialized database agents for many enterprise databases. Furthermore, OpenLink provides a generic ODBC agent. This ODBC agent can connect to Data Source Names created by 3rd party drivers. This enables users to establish OpenLink connections to databases which OpenLink does not explicitly support.  

If you would like to use OpenLink's generic ODBC agent, take the following action:  

1. Insure that 3rd party, database-specific drivers are installed on network. These drivers should connect to your database.  

2. Create a functional System DSN which uses these 3rd party drivers to connect to your database.  

3. Install the OpenLink server components (Request Broker & Generic ODBC agent) on the machine containing the 3rd party drivers.  

4. Install the OpenLink client components on the intended client.  This is the machine which contains your end-users' applications.

5. Create an OpenLink system DSN on the client.  

6. Pass the following values in your System DSN:  

a) Name - Any Descriptive Name  
b) Domain (aka 'ServerType') - Odbc  
c) Hostname - Hostname or IP of database server  
d) Database - Exact name of 3rd Party DSN  
e) Username - UID for database, if required  
f) Server/Options - Blank  

8. Test.