Beginner's Guide to Technical Support

The following guide will show you how to make the best use of OpenLink's Knowledgebase, OPIE Search, and supporting documents.  Please read on.

"Product Information" highlights the relative features and benefits of different OpenLink products.  If you are unable to identify the product, which is designed to meet your needs, please start here.

If you have selected a product--and you need to determine if it is compatible with your platform and database--consult our manifest of "Supported Databases and Platforms."

Once you have chosen an appropriate product, the Basic Configuration and Database Specific Considerations sections of the Knowledgebase will provide you with documentation, which will enable you to install and configure your product. The "Error Messages by Alphabet", Error-Less Connection/Usage Issues", and "Error-Less Query/Results Issues" sections will help you debug routine problems which may arise during initial product usage. If you get stuck, remember to consult OPIE Search.  OPIE Search will provide you with a detailed report which will enable you to debug most issues. In the event that OPIE Search cannot solve your problem, open an OpenLink Support case and provide the documents, which OPIE Search requests. To begin the support process, click on the Technical Support Form link at the following address:

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OpenLink Product Support