Supported Databases & Platforms
Software Development Kits

Want to build ODBC compliant applications, which leverage OpenLink drivers? Download the OpenLink ODBC SDK. The SDK contains header files and sample code, which you will need to accomplish your task. If you would like to build applications, which are Driver Manager independent, download OpenLink’s UDBC SDK.

C2 Security

OpenLink provides C2 security for HP/UX platforms.

SPX/SAP Services Support

OpenLink's WinNT components support the SAP protocol.

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OpenLink Software provides direct support for the following databases:  

IBM DB2, Informix, Ingres/OpenIngres, MS SQLServer, MySQL, Oracle, Postgres, Progress, Sybase

If OpenLink does not provide a Single-Tier or Multi-Tier driver, which matches your precise database version, you may find alternative components. For example, OpenLink's Single-Tier and Multi-Tier drivers are upwards compatible within a major release. In other words, a Sybase 12 driver should connect to a Sybase 12.5 database. Moreover, you may custom compile (relink) Multi-Tier agents to insure database compatibility. You may also use sockets to connect to certain Progress databases. And, you may use OpenLink's TDS products to connect to a wide spectrum of MS SQLServer and Sybase databases. Ask Product Support for guidance. Finally, if OpenLink does not support your database at all, you may still use the Single-Tier ODBC driver or Multi-Tier ODBC agent.



OpenLink Software provides support for the following platforms: 

AIX, BSD, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Data General , Digital/Compaq Tru 64, Fujitsu TeamServer, Generic Unix V.4, HP/UX, ICL DRS 6000, Irix, Linux, Mac, NCR MP-RAS, NT Alpha/Intel, PTX/Dynix, SCO, Solaris, Unixware, VAX/VMS, Windows

In general, OpenLink's components are forward compatible. If you cannot find an exact match for your operating system, choose components which were designed for a previous release of that operating system.